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Catholic Scientists

The learned John C. Wright has, for those who believe that Christianity, and the Catholic Church in particular, are at war with science and reason, has compiled a list of notable scientists who are also Catholic clergy. I’m curious, of course, about Protestant contributions to science, but there are a couple thinks working against such a list:

  • We’re a contentious bunch, apt to deny the legitimacy of each other’s faith over silly theological quandaries. (Practically speaking, and I say this as a theologian that loves argue about this stuff, the extent of God’s foreknowledge does not matter when it comes to the way we should live our lives.)
  • It’s easier to spot a priest or religious than a Protestant. Y’know, all those funny collars and robes and stuff. (I kid, I kid.) Although Catholic priests and members of religious orders are usually more obviously apart from the world than the Catholic laity and a good chunk of the Protestant clergy, for various reasons.
  • Protestants have Ken Ham. have sometimes decided to die on hills that don’t ultimately matter. Oh heck, we have Ken Ham.

Anyways, at some point in the future we’ll talk about faith and science a little more here. And Ken Ham. And unlimited foreknowledge vs Arminianism vs molinism vs open theism vs Young’s Theory of Many Worlds Open Theism and the Shaping of History Like a Universe-sized Topiary. But for now, I’m heading back to Buddha’s Dream.

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