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Today’s work on Buddha’s Dream…

…left Ellison, the hardboiled right hand of the Shogun, disguised as a lumber rep and trapped in a conversation with two fossil fuel reps, a plastics manufacturing rep, and a tree hugging conservationist at a black tie party in a post-nanotech world with no respect for manufacturing. It’s cracking me up.


Buddhas Dream of Enlightened Sheep

If you’re wondering what the novel will be like, it’ll be fairly different from the previous stuff I’ve published. “Domo” and “Negev” are both pieces from narrators who talk relatively formally, for one reason or another, and are fairly respectful. Buddhas Dream of Enlightened Sheep, on the other hand, is about a guy who says things like, “I knew the dame was trouble the moment she walked into my office.” Like that– the dame is certainly trouble, but Ellison’s light years from his office.

It’s scifi, first and foremost. I’m working hard to make the world real, despite the ever-present cybernetic overlay of illusion that most people experience, despite the fact that at least one of the characters would tell you that the world of “meat and priests” (to borrow a phrase from the esteemed R. Domo) is as much an illusion as dataspace.

But it’s also hardboiled noir. I’m huge, slobbering fan of Raymond Chandler; I’ve read every book of his I can find, except for The Lady in the Lake, because I’m saving that one for a day when I need a guaranteed good book.  So I encourage you: Soak it up. Enjoy it. I don’t do deconstructions of things I dig; I usually like to take the tropes I love and run with them as far as I can make it work.  It won’t be mock or taking apart noir; I’ll be reveling in it.

If the book had a soundtrack, it’d probably all be things like this:

Here’s a small excerpt:

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