A little bit about me.

Joshua M. Young is a Master of Divinity student at Ashland Theological Seminary in Columbus, Ohio. He suffers from such a crippling addiction to researching unfamiliar concepts, words, and cooking show mystery ingredients that his wife has suggested he give up Google for Lent next year.

Well there you go. That’s my official publishing bio. The wife in question is a sweet and thoroughly patient woman with the kind of personality that makes just about everything fall in love with her at first blush. And I do mean everything. If we took home everything that instantly attached to her, we would’ve come home from one vacation with two dogs, a horse, and someone’s toddler. We make our home, like I said, in Columbus, Ohio, where she teaches and I litter her freshly cleaned and organized house with giant textbooks.

Speaking of publishing, I have some works published!

Fiction availble for purchase by Joshua M. Young:

My first published story, “The Wrong Damn Thing To Say,” was published by the University of Akron’s literary journal, Rubbertop Review. It was later made into a short film, which was a valiant if uneven effort. It was a rough thing to adapt.

Work continues apace on Do Buddhas Dream of Enlightened Sheep. Castalia’s lead editor has a lot of work for me to do, but apparently thinks its going to be fantastic. Also upcoming in the hopefully near future are “Anders and the Secret History of the World Gone By” in Forbidden Thoughts and “The Garden at the End and the Beginning of All Things” in Anthony Marcetta’s Tales of the Once and Future King.

I do most of my blogging at the Hugo nominated websites SuperversiveSF.com and Castalia House these days, unless I feel the need to talk theology.





  1. Finished “Domo” at lunch today and thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly in light of the recent Are You Just Watching podcast address Bicentennial Man in which Eve delves into the idea of machines’ souls. Please keep the superb fiction coming!


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