Occasionally people stop in here and check up on the site. One guy even left me a message even praising a short story. So where are all the updates?!

Well. Mostly over at SuperversiveSF.com and Castalia House, lately. Anything that I write scifi-wise for a blog will probably be on one of these two sites, but The Badger Contemplates will remain for when I feel like railing against some sort of theological of philosophical error, and also maybe to hawk my wares.

Speaking of which, I’d love it if you’d check out a couple anthologies I’m in:

God, Robot might be best described as Asimov and Aquinas having a debate about how to program robots.  A fix-up novel written by several different authors, including the fantastic John C. Wright and his wife L. Jagi Lamplighter-Wright. My story, “Felix Culpa,” is a direct follow up to JCW’s story, and now one of my squealing fanboy dreams has come true. If you need more recommendations, we’re pulling 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Check it out and leave us a review!

Between the Wall and the Fire is a collection of Superversive stories about the importance of family. My tale, “Negev,” follows a rabbi on a dying Israeli colony world as he struggles with the loss of his wife to disaster and the imminent loss of his son to a faction of posthumans. People frequently cite this as one my best stories.

Do Buddhas Dream of Enlightened Sheep is progressing. I sent it off to my editor a few weeks ago, and he called back a few days later with a heap o’ work for me to do. Which is good! Everyone who has ever worked with him has praised his editing skills and told me to trust his judgements. Also, I get Castalia’s head editor, a privilege which apparently puts me in such august company as John C. Wright.


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