And now on to important things:

Over in Japan, word has broken that new singers are being auditioned for a new Macross series. This is news that has me screaming like a little girl inside.

For those of you who aren’t incredibly familiar with me yet, anime has been a fairly formative thing in terms of the way I plot. I’m not huge into anime the way I once was (At the dawn of Pokemon, a friend and I went to see the first movie, because that’s how uncommon it was to get an anime release of any sort in our theaters. It was a dark time.) there are still a few series I go ga-ga for. Macross is pretty much the top. I’m a sucker for any show with good characters, giant space battleships, and beautiful airplanes. (In space.)

Macross, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is pretty much the Japanese Battlestar Galactica. BSG’s first incarnation preceded Super Dimensional Fortress Macross by about four years, and I don’t know if it had a much influence on SDFM, but the premise is similar: A single, solitary warship protecting civilian survivors of an alien attack with the help of some ace fighter pilots. There’s still a homeworld left to go to in Macross, and the trip home is the arc of the first half of the show, but the resemblance is funny sometimes, particularly to the 2004 BSG.

Y’see, the other wrinkle in the Macross universe is that music, singing in particular, is special, and always has some sort of bearing on the plot– and usually, in a way that’s not terribly cheesy. (If you’ve seen the whole of the modern incarnation of BSG, you’ll know why that’s a similarity.) All this manifests, usually, as a fantastic soundtrack (spoilers in both videos; just listen.) and a new set of catchy J-pop songs worked into the series.

Also, new frikkin’ transforming fighter planes, which is what is really important.

I could certainly ramble on and on about Macross, but I have a paper to write and I’m not writing it about Macross. So… Tell you what. I’ll leave you with the recommendation that you go watch Macross Plus,* which might not be the best anime made, but is good enough that I don’t feel stupid for specifying that. It’s available on Hulu in the US.

I mean, really. Look at this:

*Don’t expect Battlestar Galactica from Plus. It’s a bit of an anomaly in that it’s relatively confined to one planet (Eden) and doesn’t have quite the huge scope that most Macross shows and movies have. But it’s the best of the bunch in terms of writing and production.


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