Life changes fast!

It’s been a crazy week. I was laid off (something I’ve known was coming since spring, and, frankly, have known for the past few years) and then had an absolute nightmare at class when I, Mr. “I’ll do the powerpoint, because I’m the tech guy in this group!”, found that I’d forgotten to ensure that the room we were presenting in had a computer. Who puts a projector in a room and doesn’t include a computer? For that matter, what kind of school doesn’t have at least a computer in every room? Anyway, after the total nightmare that was Monday, I woke up on Tuesday to Castalia House’s kind review of Domo and the Sci Phi Journal over all, followed, shortly afterward, by Castalia House soliciting me for chapters of a novel. Wednesday I signed a contract for a novel, an anthology, and first refusal on my next novel.

So! Here’s the official announcement! Do Buddhas Dream of Enlightened Sheep, a hardboiled cyberpunk novel about a chain smoking government agent, will be forthcoming from Castalia House in 2015.



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